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Key Features

Edit CaseKeepers Electronic Journal EVIDENCE LOGS ARE QUICK AND EASY

Evidence logs document the physical, emotional and financial impact of your injuries. In just minutes per day, quickly and easily capture events, expenses and conversations in your log using text or tags; add photos, videos, or audio; each entry is automatically stamped with date, time and location.

Save any item: SMS messages, emails, phone messages, photos, videos, documents, Facebook pages, and more.

Collaborate with Custody Attorney SHARE WITH YOUR ATTORNEY

Safely share your evidence log with your attorney to protect your rights in court, or share with your therapist or coach to support your progress in therapy.

Create custody logs on laptop, tablets or mobile devices EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE ON ALL DEVICES

Create log entries on your cell phone or tablet; later edit them on your desktop.

Our easy-to-use interface enables you to seamlessly move between devices and operating systems; use on any Apple/MAC/iOS, Android, or Windows device.

For Attorneys

Tags for searching and reporting ADVANCED SEARCH AND REPORTING

Our easy-to-use advanced search feature enables you to retrieve relevant evidence from your client’s journal repository and quickly create reports or evidence packages for court or mediation.

Quick and easy Custody logs EMPOWER YOUR CLIENTS

Clients can collect, store and manage their valuable, relevant evidence, messages and emails; share with you at any time. You can access their repository at your convenience.

Maintain Chain of Custody CHAIN OF CUSTODY

CaseKeepers maintains the chain of custody for all client evidence to assure admissibility in court.

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