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Key Features


Journaling helps you process all the information, thoughts, decisions and emotions that need to be processed as you transition to retirement.

Save any item: Assignments, SMS messages, emails, phone messages, photos, videos, documents, Facebook pages, and more.

Collaborate with Custody Attorney SHARE WITH YOUR COACH

Safely share your thoughts, questions, emotions and decisions with your Retirement Coach.

Create custody logs on laptop, tablets or mobile devices EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE ON ALL DEVICES

Create log entries on your cell phone or tablet; later edit them on your desktop.

Our easy-to-use interface enables you to seamlessly move between devices and operating systems; use on any Apple/MAC/iOS, Android, or Windows device.

Tags for searching and reporting ADVANCED SEARCH AND REPORTING

Our easy-to-use advanced search feature enables you to retrieve relevant information from your journal repository.

Quick and easy Custody logs SUBMIT ASSIGNMENTS

Submit the assignments from each session on line by attaching them to journal entries.

Maintain Privacy and Security PRIVATE AND SECURE

All your assignments, thoughts, questions and documents are stored privately and securely.

Meet Our Retirement Coach

Herb Deitz

Herb Deitz

Program Modules

Edit CaseKeepers Electronic Journal CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES

Retirement is full of new challenges and opportunities.

Collaborate with Custody Attorney WHO AM I?

Learn journaling techniques and explore who you are and what you would like out of retirement?

Create custody logs on laptop, tablets or mobile devices LIFESTYLE

Explore interests, hobbies, travel, and other social activities.

Tags for searching and reporting VOLUNTEERING

Helping others can make retirement more worthwhile and happier that you have ever been.

Quick and easy Custody logs FINANCES

Explore budgeting, financial planning, social security, living trusts, and inheritance.

Maintain Privacy and Security HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Health and wellness, cognitive and physical issues, stress management, and sleep.

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